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such a pretty girl.. why don't you lose some weight?

that girl ♥
9 July
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hello, world...
i'm probably skinny, but i have this problem.
i see fat that might not be there.
and i can be way too self conscious at times... even though i'm getting better.
i hate myself for looking like this.
but i am so close to being better.
so close to living up to this name... she is perfection.

incase you haven't figured it out,
i have an eating disorder.

current everything
(i'll try to update once a day)

height: 5'5"
now: 121.5
low: 113
high: 142
goal#1: 115 by 03/29
goal#2: 110 by 04/03
ult.goal: 102

add me for support, or to give some.
don't stop updating please!
and don't request me if you aren't serious about this.